• SmartWare.tech

    The only Hardware Accelerator in the CEE region where investment experience is combined with machinery, prototyping capacities and startup management know-how.

  • Smart Money

    SmartWare.tech is an accelerator for startups developing hardware, including (but not exclusively) IoT startups. Our mission is to help outstanding and motivated entrepreneurs get through the earliest and most critical stage of building their companies. We do that by providing support in

    • design and manufacturing professional prototypes (MVPs),

    • business plan development,

    • financing,

    • and global market entry.

  • Founding Partners and Ventures

    Founding partners have multiple years of experience of venture capital investment, startup management, 10+ years experience of design and manufacturing hardware and software prototypes.

    Barnabas Malnay

    Incubation and Biz Dev

    Former Director of Kitchen Budapest, before becoming the CEO of Mobility and Multimedia Cluster. Former Operations Manager of AVEC incubation house, and currently a Partner of White Summers.

    Andras Reti

    Investor, Entrepreneur

    Former VC investor at Finext, prepared startup investments and mentored portfolio companies. Founder of Sportomato, an American-Hungarian startup, raised a seed round. Partner at Eurostanc.

    Balazs Varga

    Mechatronics Engineer, Entrepreneur

    Designs and produces mechanical, electronic and software products. Actively promotes engineering and entrepreneurship. CEO of MechatroMotive.

    Levente Csak

    Production/Manufacturing Expert, Entrepreneur

    CEO of UM Kft. and Eurostanc, two prototyping and machine manufacturing company. He has 20+ years of experience in prototyping, manufacturing operations and management.

    Csaba Laudan

    Investment Expert, Board Member

    Senior Portfolio Manager and Partner at Finext Startup VC Fund. Since 2011 he has an active role in several hardware startup investments.

    Denes Pal


    Engineer and startup entrepreneur, founder of Sopreso. He has 10+ years of experience in exploring and solving complex technological problems.

    Peter Langmar

    Startup Entrepreneur

    CEO of Lab.Coop and co-founder of GreenFox Academy. Former founder of Brickflow, a Startup Wise Guys and Startup Chile alumni company, which raised seed investment. Forbes 30 under 30 businessman.

  • Our founding ventures are successful SMEs with combined 5 in-house prototyping plants and 90 professionals, supporting portfolio companies with product design and production capacities.  Our extensive and cross-industrial professional network is the basis of our stability.

    UM Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing unique machines and prototypes for decades now on a high-tech manufacturing site. They also have extensive experience in trading industrial machinery.

    Eurostanc Ltd. has experience with manufacturing unique precision tools and has a modern factory. They have a broad CEE regional trading network.

    MechatroMotive Ltd. is made up of a mechatronic engineering team. They function as a bridge between hardware and software and have experience in prototyping both industrial and consumer products.

    Lab.Coop (Supercluster Corp.) is a tech venture builder. They comprise an outstanding engineering team which specializes in the software backend of IoT hardware. Business, product design, data analytics and marketing experts pair with their engineering services.

  • Why Us?

    Financial investment is just the tip of the iceberg.


    SmartWare.tech does not just ask for vanity metrics and numbers, but ensures the success of joining hardware oriented entrepreneurs, startups and innovation leaders by providing added value.

    Our full-service offering includes production capacity, product development, business administration support, business development and marketing services.


    Compared to other accelerators we provide technological, prototyping and manufacturing capacity in addition to professional consulting thanks to the professional experience and technical competence of our founding ventures.

  • Our Offer

    Support for software and hardware prototypes development

    • Give portfolio companies access to venture partner companies’ machinery and the professional expertise.

    • Provide tools, devices and machines as well as office environments essential for prototype production.

    • Provide assistance in finding and procurement of required raw material for production

    • Support MVP (Minimal Viable Product) development, manufacturing modeling and production cost estimation

    • Provide full-stack software development support for each and every step of the prototype and product development process.

    Lean Methodology

    We offer training and apply lean/agile principles during product development, customer development, and market validation.

    Business Model Building

    We help in product conception, analyzing potential market niches, monitoring competitors, understanding market trends, and fine-tuning business models.

    Support during pre-production phase

    After releasing an MVP we help companies harmonize product concept with manufacturing constraints and locate additional production capacity.

    Mass Market Entry

    • Mobilize domestic- and foreign-relations, guiding companies' enter-to-market strategy

    • Business Administration Support: founding, legal and IP consultancy, management consulting

    • Support companies to reach requirements of next financing round cycle: consulting and bringing network of angel investors, venture capitalists, foreign accelerators; help organizing crowdfunding campaigns; M&A relationships.

  • Who Are We Looking For?

    We are looking for professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and concept owners who seek to introduce production methods and business expertise accessible at one of SmartWare.tech's founding venture partners. This includes

    • mechatronics and automation projects,

    • products involving significant software development

    • projects using and producing goods of metal, wood, plastic, leather, textile, laminated or other innovative materials.

    • products that require laser cutting, milling, die cutting, creasing, punching, bending, chipping, moulding and injection moulding, extrusion, 3D printing and related manufacturing processes.

    Our Business Model

    SmartWare.tech is an equity accelerator aiming for a minority ownership in the potential portfolio company. We offer long-term partnership, mentoring, machinery, production capacity, lab environments, and talented engineers to our portfolio companies, thus combining the benefits of seed angel investments, incubators and accelerators.

  • Our Events

    Our International IoT & Hardware Incubation Conference's main goal is to develop local professional expertise, a Hardware Startup Ecosystem, and to help companies entering international markets.​

    A crucial aspect of building a local community is to introduce professionals to each other, as their collaboration serves as the basis of the ecosystem. For this we organize a series of meetups that cover the topics of IoT and Hardware accelerators.

    A hackathon is an event that lasts 24-48 hours where teams of 2-6 can prototype ideas. These events offer participants a special opportunity for networking, generating startup ideas, and creating new teams.

  • Partners

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    Green Fox Academy

    Kitchen Budapest

    Mobility and Multimedia Cluster

    Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design